Memories of the London A Cappella Festival 2012

By Annemarie Homan

Just a summary, in random order
* First evening at The Fellow having a very nice pre-festival dinner with Emily May, Clare, Jo, Kevin, Sara, Dylan, Florian, Willy, Aaron, Carl, and I’m not sure who else was there.
* Vocal Jog world record on Friday 13th and meeting Bill Hare, Joan Hare, Soňa Kilianová and Willy Eteson (with a surprise) on the summit of Primrose Hill Continue reading

High expectations!

By Claudia Appel-Dom
In less then a week The Single Singers will finally meet! The past couple of weeks I have struggled to find time to rehearse the songs and squeeze it in my busy schedule as IT consultant and mother, singing in my hotel room most of the time (and scaring the other guests I am afraid…). Just when I thought I had just enough time, it seems we are also doing a city run in London…. Pff, now I have to work on my condition as well. But I am sure we will all have a wonderful time next week. Expectations are high! Continue reading

Fantastic experience!

By Lorenzo Subrizi
Hello guys! For me it’s very exciting and attractive to be part of this project and I can’t wait to meet all my “adventure mates”!  I live in Cuneo, a city in northern Italy and I’m 20 years old. I started to learn about the world of choral and a cappella musica at the age of 14, when I went to a music high school in my city! There I studied ancient and sacred music, and I continued to sing in choirs or groups of classical music. Continue reading

Alone but not lonely at LACF: The Single Singers

By Emily May ‘t Hoen
Whenever I visit a festival alone I have mixed feelings. I enjoy the concerts and workshops very much but….. I want to be on stage myself! I want to sing! Not just listen! That’s why I’m so glad that Annemarie Homan (Dutch friend living in Italy) came with this fantastic idea of creating the “Single Singers”. For all vocals coming to London A-capella Festival without a group. Continue reading