High expectations!

By Claudia Appel-Dom
In less then a week The Single Singers will finally meet! The past couple of weeks I have struggled to find time to rehearse the songs and squeeze it in my busy schedule as IT consultant and mother, singing in my hotel room most of the time (and scaring the other guests I am afraid…). Just when I thought I had just enough time, it seems we are also doing a city run in London…. Pff, now I have to work on my condition as well. But I am sure we will all have a wonderful time next week. Expectations are high!

Claudia Appel-Dom

A little bit about myself (in case you wonder if the hair is really orange or what?!?). I sing in an all female vocal group called Fem@il with seventeen women and one very brave man, one of the best arrangers in Holland if it comes to a cappella (Shackles!). The picture was taken just before one our perfomances a few months ago. Our shows are a mix of a cappella and theatre. Hence the orange wig..

Looking forward to seeing all the Single Singers next week!

Claudia Appel-Dom
Mezzo-soprano with The Single Singers

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