Memories of the London A Cappella Festival 2012

By Annemarie Homan

Just a summary, in random order
* First evening at The Fellow having a very nice pre-festival dinner with Emily May, Clare, Jo, Kevin, Sara, Dylan, Florian, Willy, Aaron, Carl, and I’m not sure who else was there.
* Vocal Jog world record on Friday 13th and meeting Bill Hare, Joan Hare, Soňa Kilianová and Willy Eteson (with a surprise) on the summit of Primrose Hill

Meeting and greeting The Single Singers in London

* High Tea at the very posh Montague on the gardens with Tor Martin Antonsen, Hans Cassa, Corey Slutsky, Alexis Weisbrod and Emily May ‘t Hoen
* Meeting The Single Singers in person, finally!
* The first rehearsal with The Single Singers and being able to sing each of the five songs from start to finish without as much as a glitch!
* Muscle pain in my face from smiling so much
* Trying very hard not to squee all the time and to prevent myself from coming across as a drooling a cappella fan girl
* Getting kicked out The Fellow on more than one occasion
* Sharing the Cadence concert with the Swingle Ladies (they are the BEST audience!)
* Seeing my first FORK show and loving it!
* Hanging out with the cool crowd
* Walking through Kings Place and greeting people left and right, because I know them
* Attending a Swingle Singers concert and being blown away yet again
* The intensely moving standing ovation for Mr Ward Swingle (something got in my eye there)
* The single concert of The Single Singers! And all the smiles afterwards
* Finally getting kicked out of another bar at 03:30 am
* All the hugs and kisses and the “hope to see you again”s

What’s next??!

Annemarie Homan

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