The 10 Golden Single Singer Rules

1. Any experienced singer can join. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional

2. You must have at least one ticket for the festival

3. You are in no other way performing with a group at the festival

4. You are able to study your parts individually

5. You are flexible. You may not be assigned to the part you usually sing and plans may change at any time

6. Solo-parts will be more or less randomly assigned. Of course you are free to decline if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

7. You realize that the musical results may not be perfect and you are OK with that

8. You join for the fun of singing together and will (humbly) take any place in the choir that is desired

9. You are capable of communicating – in English – via Facebook, Twitter and/or e-mail

10. You like meeting new people and enjoy the shared challenge of performing together after just a few short rehearsals

Happy singers! Annemarie Homan and Corey Slutsky

3 thoughts on “The 10 Golden Single Singer Rules

  1. Just saw a video of the Single Singers doing a mash of a Weird Al song (“One More Minute”) with one of mine (“Regretting What I Said”) — thanks, guys! Makes me proud.


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