Bringing an incredible experience to Washington DC

By Jonathan Minkoff
The Single Singers really opened my eyes. I have toured with professional a cappella groups since I turned 20. Over 40 US States and over 200 shows in Asia. In front of gatherings with more than 100,000 people live, and more than 10 million┬ápeople broadcast. But I was still genuinely nervous to join the Single Singers at their first performance in London. I’m so glad I took the plunge.

Jonathan Minkoff

The friendship, the intensity and the sheer joy of Single Singers are something completely unique in the world of a cappella. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, Single Singers is an experience not to be missed. I loved it so much that (with permission) I imported Single Singers to SingStrong A cappella Festival in Washington DC.

We’re on track to move about 3,000 seats during our festival and I want every person filling those seats to know about the incredible experience that is the Single Singers!

3 thoughts on “Bringing an incredible experience to Washington DC

  1. Here’s to all the Single Singers everywhere, past, present, and future! I was at the inaugural performance in London, and was with the Pickups in Los Angeles at their two rehearsals and at the performance. Wish I could be there for the Single Singers, DC. But hopefully we’ll all get to see you on YouTube. Love those Single Singers!

  2. Joan, we had so much fun in the DC Single Singers largely because of the incredible leadership of Judy Fontana. What a great experience, and what a fantastic festival SingStrong is. Kudos to Jonathan Minkoff and Diana Priesler and Marty Gasper and everybody else who worked their butts off to make it so special. SingStrong is a must-attend for aca singers and their groups. And, Joan, I do look forward to meeting you some day.

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